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Online Banking Script  – 4d Bank More Features

  1. Customers picture: customer can add their image during registration, if they miss this step, the admin can at anytime upload an image for bank customers.
  2. Editable transfer details by admin: details of every transaction made can be edited by the administrator, and it will reflect on the bank statement of account.
  3. Mobile deposit: customers can upload cheques if approved by the admin; the sum will be credited to the user. In this regard, an email will be sent to the user.
  4. Loan application: every user can apply for a bank loan. If approved, the sum will be credited to the user. To this effect, the customer will receive an email once the loan gets approved.
  5. Account verification by admin: after successful registration, the bank customer wont be able to log in, he gets a notice that his account has not been approved.
  6. Users Email Notification on Registration: on our online bank script, every registered user gets an email on verification, Transfer, Loan Approval, mobile deposit, and login IP Address.
  7. Fund transfer by admin and customers: the admin can transfer funds to any user on this banking platform.
  8. Easy customers registration form: the registration is of 4 easy steps, which is mobile responsive.
  9. Unlimited customers: there is no limit to the total number of users that can register on the online banking script when installed.
    Customers transaction history: every customer can check their transaction history with just a click on the dashboard.
  10. Hidden Admin Login pages: the admin login page is hidden from customers for security purposes.
    Check the demo video or use the demo login details to view more features.
  11. 100% mobile responsive: both user and admin dashboards are fully responsive; this means that this online banking software can be managed using small devices, like the mobile phone and tablet, without needing to drag contents.
  12. Advance Admin control panel: this internet bank script was built as a full content management system (CMS), which means that most of its features can be navigated from the administrator panel. This will reduce the stress of most functionalities.
  13. Supports unlimited currencies: no matter the currency you want this online banking script to use, that will not be a problem. All you need to do is to put the currency symbol in the admin settings.
  14. Bitcoin deposit: because of constant demand and the trend in bitcoin, we decided to make it possible for users to make deposits via bitcoin.
  15. Dual transfer methods: on this internet bank script, we developed it with two different transfer methods, for each user that registers on the platform, the admin will have to select the transfer method he wants the uses to always make, and can as well switch it back at will. The transfer methods are; transfer with codes and direct transfer.
  16. Transfer progress: the transfer progress is shown in percentage and a progress bar, only if you are activated transfer with code for the particular user. During the different stages of the progress, each code is requested, and if correctly input it progress to the next.
  17. Transfer activation and deactivation: the admin has the privilege to activate or deactivate transfer for every user. Its just a simple switch.
  18. Statement of account: every customer can view and print their statement on this online banking script.
  19. Transfer charge: a provision for transfer charges which is adjustable base on percentage by the admin. For instance, if the admin sets the transfer charge at 2% and a user transfer $1000 they will be charged $20 for that transfer (you can change the transfer charge).


Advantages of this 4d Bank

  • Bitcoin Payment Available
  • We provide after-sales support.
  • Free frontend.
  • Free updates once available
  • Easy to modify the code
  • Suites all internet bank project
  • Loads super fast
  • SEO optimized
  • Latest PHP version 7
  • Full content management system (CMS)
  • Mobile responsive